Real Estate is Essential

April 8th, 2020

In last Saturday’s Courier Mail, the REIQ put in a full-page advertisement in support of Queensland real estate. It outlined why real estate is essential for every Queenslander.

Why is Property Management Essential?

A stable rental property is critical for everyone, particularly for the 35% of Queenslanders who rent today. We need to ensure safe and secure property management services which support more than 380,000 landlords who supply more than 90% of those rental properties.

Why are Real Estate Sales Essential?

Queensland’s residential real estate sector is worth over $1 trillion, contributing in excess of $30 billion every year to the Queensland Government. Therefore, maintaining confidence is key to safeguarding our property market and support our local economy.
The paper ad also let the community know how real estate activities are being delivered safely at this time. As a Gardian client, it is important that you are aware that we are following this lead. From video inspections and virtual open homes and even online Auctions to repairs in-line with social distancing rules, Gardian will continue to help you through this period.

So, whether you are a renter or an investor or even a buyer or a seller, Gardian will be with you at every step.